COVID-19 Testing Service – Deep Throat Saliva Test

UPDATED NEWS (27-7-2020 14:00): Concerning overwhelming service needs, the testing laboratories may need more than 7 working days to process the test result (from submission date of the sample)

UPDATED NEWS (23-7-2020 14:00): Our two general out-patient clinics provides COVID-19 Deep Saliva Throat test for patients presenting with any acute symptoms only, irrespective of their travel history and clinical severity. *Health certificate clarifying no risk of COVID-19 for outbound travel will not be issued.* If you get related symptoms (fever, sore throat, muscle pain or cough), please directly seek medical advice at our clinics for pre-test infection risk assessment.  Appointment is also available and shall be arranged one day prior to the consultation day, with effective from 27th July 2020 until further notice. Please contact our general out-patient clinics for appointment during working hours.

UPDATED NEWS (17-7-2020 18:00): In view of the high demand of the testing service, the service has been fully booked for both Lok Sin Tong Clinics (from 20/7/2020-25/7/2020). We will announce furthur appointment arrangement as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you have close contacts with patients infected with COVID-19 or get related symptoms (fever, sore throat, muscle pain or cough), please directly seek medical advice at Public Hospital or Goverment Clinics for early checking .

With the widespread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-10), early detection in the community becomes an important act to prevent outbreak. The two Lok Sin Tong General Outpatient clinics have participated in the ‘Enhanced Laboratory Surveillance Programm’ since May 2020, and to summit the deep throat saliva specimens to the Department of Health for COVID-19 testing. People who are at risk and have related symptoms can collect their deep throat saliva sample at home after Pre-test infection risk assessment by doctor, and send the sample back to the Department of Health’s collection points by self. Test results will be available and be noticed in at least 7 working days.The deep throat saliva test aims to further advancing the identification of case of COVID-19 infection and to minimizing the risk of community transmission. Remarks: This service only provide with test report, but do not provide Health Certificate.

COVID-19 Testing service includes:

  1. Doctor consultation
  2. Deep Throat Saliva Test (including the test and report)

Collection time: after getting up and before brushing teeth, eating or drinking

(Reference: Patient Information on Deep Throat Saliva Collection

Features of the service:

  • Undergo infection risk assessment during doctor consultation
  • The specimen collection process can be performed at home safely
  • Test result will be informed by Centre for Health Protection / LST clinic staff in at least 7 working days (from submission date of the sample)

Service Charge: $250 (*LST staff price: $150)


During the Pre-test infection risk assessment by doctor, if the patient was found fulfilling the reporting criteria set by The Centre for Health Protection (CHP), our clinic staff will inform the patient and report the relevant case to CHP in accordance to the statutory reporting mechanism. Patients will then be referred to public hospital for further clinical treatment.

Service location (By Appointment):

Lok Sin Tong Chan Kwong Hing Memorial Primary Health Centre

Address: G/F, 48 Junction Road, Kowloon City 

Tel: 2383-1470

Lok Sin Tong Chan Cho Chak Polyclinics Mongkok

Address: 3/F, Chun Hoi Commercial Building, 688 Shanghai Street, Mongkok

Tel: 2391-1073

Medical Services Department hotline: 2272-9870

Introduction of COVID-19

The main mode of transmission via respiratory droplets and also be transmitted through contact. The estimated incubation period from 1-14 days, most commonly around 5 days. Common symptoms including fever, fatigues, dry cough and shortness of breath. Some patients may have serious condition but some only have very mild or non-specific symptoms. People with older age or having chronic disease are more susceptible into serious condition.