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During March 2021, together with Kowloon City District Office, Lok Sin Tong launched a campaign called Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign - “Mealtual” Love, aimed to help those who were suffering from COVID-19. At the end over 20 restaurant joined and we have successfully delivered around 5,000 pcs of $20 meal voucher to needies.

Bringing a huge success and receiving many possitive feedbacks from public, we decide to extend the campaign into one-year program, starting from April we shoot for providing 60,000 meal vouchers to low-income families and unemployed workers.

Appreciated the support from Corporate Donors, Individual Donors, Volunteers and Colleagues, showing love and joy to community.

Special thanks to sponsors and supporting unit (In no particular):

heartTitle sponsor - Donations of $100,000 that can generate 5,000 boxed meals heart

Title sponsor of April - Mr. CHAN Kin Ping, BBS, JP, 2nd Vice-chairman of Lok Sin Tong
We are delighted to have sponsorship from Mr. Chan. Together with Dr. Pang Chi Wang Peter, Chairman of Lok Sin Tong, Mr. Lai Lok Yi and volunteers, they had a visit at Tokwawan Kai Fong Welfare Association and helped to distribute our lovely boxed meals.

Distribution day on 27 April 2021 (Tue)

Title sponsor of June – Legend Charity Foundation
We are truly appreciated to have Ms. Lau Man Man Lisa, BBS, MH, JP, Former Chairperson of Lok Sin Tong and Ms. Echo Wong, Founder of Legend Family, in name of Legend Charity Foundation to sponsor our Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign - "Mealtual" Love.

Distribution day on 3 June 2021 (Thu)

Distribution day on 27 July 2021 (Tue)

Title sponsor of September  Yi Shop x Quan Alley HK
It is our pleasure to invite Yi Shop and Quan Alley HK to be our title sponsor of September. Recently Yi Shop and Quan Alley HK had launched Rice Cake for Charity Sale, all sold rice cake with deduction of cost were donated to our Meal Voucher Campaign, "Love to eat, eat to love". Thank you for continued support from Mr. Lai Lok Yi. 

heartGold Sponsor – Donation of $50,000 which generated 2,500 boxed mealsheart

  • Mr. Lai Lok Yi

heartSilver Sponsor – Donation of $30,000 which generated 1,500 boxed mealsheart

  • HYC Foundation Limited
  • Town Health International Medical Group Limited


  • Acetop Precious Metals Ltd
  • Brilliant Precious Metals Limited
  • Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
  • Dermaglow Limited
  • Dr. Wayne Hu Charitable Foundation Limited
  • Mega Rich Group Limited
  • Panocean Secretarial Service Limited
  • Renopipe Construction Company Limited
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

heartSpecial thanksheart

  • Dr. Pang Chi Wang Peter, Chairman of Lok Sin Tong
  • Ms. Lau Man Man Lisa, BBS, MH, JP, Former Chairperson of Lok Sin Tong
  • Mr. Wong Shu Yuen, Members of Lok Sin Tong and Uchi
  • Mr. Wong Siu Kei and Hong Kong Construction Association
  • ​Prof. Dr. Wong Lung Tak Patrick, BBS, JP, Chairman of To Kwa Wan Kai Fong Welfare Association
  • All donors and volunteers

Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Corporate donors, Organizations and individuals. Thank you for the support to show more love to the society.

As of 30 April 2021, over 6,000 meal vouchers have been distributed.

Distribution of boxed meals to low-income families and needies

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