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Lok Sin Tong is going to organize a large-scale Chinese New Year Community Visit Activity on Saturday, 18th January 2020. We cordially invite you to join and spend a memorable weekend celebrating the Chinese New Year with the elderly people in need. Details are as follow:


Organiser:   The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon

Date:          18th January 2020 (Sat)

Time:          9:30 am to 10:00 am (kick-off ceremony)

                  10:30 am to 13:00 pm (visits)

Venue:        Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School

                  (161, Lok Sin Road, San Po Kong)

Visit:           Tung Tau Estate、Lok Man Sun Chuen or Chun Seen Mei Chuen

Content:      Visiting elderly people and presenting them with gift packs

Enquiries:    2272 9810 (Corporate Communications and Development Department)/ Email:


Application deadline: 27th December 2019 (Fri)

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