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LST Mid-Autumn Festival : Distribution of Lucky Bags

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, although the Covid-19 Pandemic exists, Lok Sin Tong is fearless to share LOVE! We are going to specially organize the event "LST Mid-Autumn Festival : Distribution of Lucky Bags". Its purpose is to give the lucky bags to the elderly living alone and the two elderly living together on the Mid-Autumn Festival ( 1st October ).

We sincerely hope donors from all walks of life will be willing to generously donate HK$280 to purchase a lucky bag, which will be distributed to the elderly through Lok Sin Tong. Let us spread our love to the elderly and celebrate this heart-warming Mid-Autumn Festival together!  Fight the epidemic hand in hand with no fear.

About the Lucky Bags: mooncakes, fragrant rice, rice vermicelli. oatmeal, Luncheon meat, biscuits, anti-epidemic masks, alcohol handrubs

Subscription Price for a lucky bag: HK$280

Please Support us! Together, we spread out love to the elderly!


Donation Method:

Download Donation Form (Download)


  1. Online Donation Platform

Donation could be made directly through online platform.
Donation website:

Donors shall choose “Other” and specifically indicate “LST Mid-Autumn Festival : Distribution of Lucky Bags”.


  1. PayMe

Scan the QR Code of ours directly (as below)

Using mobile phone and click the link for donation:

  1. By PPS - Our merchant code:6301


  1. Fast Payment System (FPS) - (FPS ID): 3937984


  1. By Cheque

Cheque payable to: The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon

By mail or in person, all are welcome.

*Please indicate donation made to “LST Mid-Autumn Festival: Distribution of Lucky Bags” on the back of cheque


  1. Through Bank

Donations can be deposited to the following bank accounts of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon:


  • Bank of China (Hong Kong):
  • Hang Seng Bank:
  • HSBC:
  • The Bank of East Asia:

*Receipts will be issued for donations over HK$100, which are tax deductible in Hong Kong.
*If donation receipt is required, please provide the related donation record together with name and correspondence address of donor by mail or by email.
Address: 61 Lung Kong Road, Kowloon City


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