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Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign

“Mealtual” Love at Dragaon Boat Festival

To support low-income families and those who are suffering from unemployment under COVID-19, Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign aimed to provide nutritious boxed meals to them, especially festy food.
During Dragon-bost festival in June, Lok Sin Tong prepared delicious rice dumplings and will deliver to needies, sharing love and joy.

We need your support, show more "Mealtual" Love to society.
The more you buy, the more we gift.

heartRice Dumpling Setheart 

1️⃣ Vegetarian Steamed Mushroom Abalone Dumpling (Large)
2️⃣ Vegetarian "Minced pork & peanuts" flavour Dumpling
3️⃣ Coconut-Flavour with red beans Dumpling
(A free pack of pickled carrot is included)

Charity Price : HKD 233 / set

How to support Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign?

Donate to our Rice Dumpling Set

?? Share your joyful moment with needies is the best Dragon-boat festival bliss.
???? Each set you donate (3 dumplings) we will deliver to low-income families.
???? All sold Dumpling sets with deduction of cost will be donated to Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign.

Donation Method:

Donation Form please < Click Here > to download

  1. Online Donation
    Donation could be made directly through online platform PayPal, Alipay HK or FPS.
    Donation website:
    *Donors please choose “
    Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign - “Mealtual” Love”.
  2. PayMe
    Scan the QR Code directly (as below)
    Use mobile phone and click the link for donation:
    *Donors please indicate “
    Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign - “Mealtual” Love
  3. By PPS - Our merchant code: 6301
  4. Fast Payment System (FPS) - FPS ID: 166275263
  5. By Cheque
    Cheque payable to: The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon
    By mail or in person, all are welcome.
    *Please indicate donation made to “Lok Sin Tong Meal Voucher Campaign - “Mealtual” Love” on the back of cheque
  6. Through Bank
    Donations can be deposited to the following bank accounts of The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon:
  • Hang Seng Bank:285-000089-003
  • Bank of China (Hong Kong): 012-589-0-003845-7
  • HSBC: 096-136494-001
  • The Bank of East Asia: 514-40-405946-2

*Receipts which will be issued within a month after the end of the event for donations over HK$100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong.
*Please completed donation form and send to us by post or email with donation record.

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